Rochester Museum and Science CenterAs Rochester’s hub of lifelong science learning, the RMSC comprises three institutions:

RMSC lets us experience the thrill of invention and innovation. In the science museum, discover your AHA! moment in Inventor Center, a participatory maker space, as you power a city, harness the wind, or launch a catapult; explore real-time weather events on Earth and other planets on the interactive globe in Science on a Sphere; make light bend and shadows dance using 21st century technology in Illumination: The World of Light and Optics; and marvel at the power of energy in Electricity Theater, one of the first musical twin-Tesla coil experiences in the country capable of emitting 11-foot arcs of lighting.

With its 1.2 million collection items and iconic dioramas, RMSC invites us to immerse ourselves in rich exhibits that explore our region’s past and present. Meet Ice-Age giants and come face-to-face with a musk ox in Expedition Earth; discover how Rochester became America’s first western boomtown in Rochester in 1838: Young Lion of the West; and join the conversation on issues that are important to our community today in Take It Down! Organizing Against Racism.

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is proud to lead Rochester in coordinating our community to help the greater Rochester area make the most of the 2024 eclipse.

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