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Are you a member of Rochester’s tourism, recreation, transportation, education, community, media, or related business sector? Are you part of the Rochester or Finger Lake region’s optics, photonics, or STEM industries? If so, you are a stakeholder in the 2024 total solar eclipse! Stay informed by joining our email list. We’ll keep you updated on all planning meetings and upcoming developments.


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Rochester, NY, sits directly in the path of totality of the 2024 total solar eclipse and will experience 3 minutes and 38 seconds of complete totality– that’s 1 minute longer than the 2017 eclipse! Interested in getting involved with preparation for the 2024 total solar eclipse? Just want to stay informed? Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about upcoming developments, planning meetings, and eclipse news.


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In partnership with the Rochester Eclipse Stakeholders, the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) is already preparing for the 2024 total solar eclipse– But we can’t do this alone! Click below to see how your business, association, or venue can get involved today.




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The Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC), Visit Rochester, the Genesee Transportation Council, and Deb Ross, are leading the effort to coordinate stakeholders for the eclipse so we can collectively plan to make the most of this opportunity. We will be hosting regular meetings in the years leading up to the eclipse.

Stakeholders in the 2024 eclipse come from all sectors of our community. This includes our cultural and recreational venues, to food and beverage retailers, to transportation and law enforcement officers, to educators and other organizations invested in science, technology, and optics, and more!

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What the 2024 eclipse means for Rochester

The Great American Eclipse in 2017 brought millions of people to the path of totality from around the globe: eclipse-chasers, astronomy fans, and science-loving families alike. The communal experience was a memory of a lifetime for those who experienced the total solar eclipse.

On April 8, 2024, Rochester, NY, will be in the path of totality and will experience about 3 minutes and 38 seconds of totality. In fact, the 2024 eclipse, starting in Mexico and traveling northeast, will hit Rochester but miss all other major East Coast cities, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. As the closest city to the path of totality with a major science center, Rochester will be in the international spotlight. We expect hundreds of thousands of out-of-town visitors to flock to our area in the 5-7 days preceding the eclipse, and we plan to make the most of it.

The total solar eclipse of 2024 will be one of the largest events that Western New York
and the Finger Lakes have ever experienced, with great potential to benefit a wide
range of community programs and upstate initiatives in both the public and private

Based on observations from the 2017 eclipse, conservative estimates expect Rochester to welcome at least 375,000 visitors to the area for the eclipse in addition to the 1.1 million residents across the Greater Rochester Region.

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If you have any questions about the eclipse, reach out to our Eclipse Partnership Coordinator, Dan Schneiderman, at

Eclipse Map of New York State Image Credit & Copyright: National Eclipse