Want to plan your own Eclipse Viewing Event? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Have Solar Viewing Glasses available
  • Turn off your automatic lights (building, parking lot, etc)
  • Provide Hands on-activities
    • Create your own pinhole viewer
    • Moon phase calendar
    • String art
    • Button Making
  • Have telescopes with a solar filter available for for viewing
  • Have an expert on hand to answer questions about the eclipse
  • Make sure you have bathrooms, parking, food, and water planned out ahead of time
  • Speakers related to space
  • A dedicated area to those photographing the eclipse
  • Projectors/TVs to watch livestream of eclipse locations before Rochester
  • Backup plans for multiple weather possibilities
  • Space themed music playlist to have playing in the background

Think about the experience you personally want!

More tips coming soon.