Scouting Locations

Starting in 2019, on any day from about April 1 to April 16, or from about August 25 to September 8, visit the viewing locations you might be thinking of. Be there at 3:20 pm and notice where the Sun is in the sky. That’s about where the Sun will be at totality on April 8, 2024. Do you have a good view?

Think about possible conditions on April 8 in Rochester. The ground might be frozen, or it might be too soft and muddy to support a lawn chair. Make plans.

Interactive Maps

Looking for totality details for your location, we recommend using’s eclipse map. While using the site, you can see when totality starts for you, how long it will last, and the duration of the overall eclipse.


Apps to Help Scout Locations

Want to get a glimpse of what the eclipse will look like wherever you are? There are augmented reality apps for both Android and Apple devices to give you a preview of your location. As more apps become available, we will update the below list:


  • Sun Locator Pro – you can set the time, and date, and get an augmented reality view


  • Solar Watch – with an app upgrade, you can set the date and get an augmented reality view
The Five (Parcel 5)